About the Company

Company History

Prism Powder Coating, LLC was originally born many years ago out of the aerospace metal finishing industry. Over time, working to such high quality standards, Prism Powder Coating wanted to achieve the same quality for other Industrial, Commercial, Automotive, and Marine industries.

Having over two decades of experience in the painting, powder coating and metal finishing business, we pride ourselves with only the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction. PPC is very focused on acquiring and maintaining customer relationships that grow for future years to come.

Great customer service, the highest quality possible, and the fastest turnaround time available

PPC can assure our customers total satisfaction which is not achieved by other companies in the industry. Located in two separate buildings side by side, one of our biggest advantages over our competitors is that we keep our sandblasting and cleaning preparation, polishing and welding services in one building and our painting, powder coating booths, and oven in the other building. The reason this is so beneficial to PPC is that there can be absolutely no contamination of sand, compounds, or any fine dust particles produced from any of the pretreatment processes, therefore resulting in a high quality finish on any substrate.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

At Prism Powder Coating we can service almost any job. Parts range from small to large and individual pieces to a production run of multiple parts. Having a 25 foot long oven and powder booth helps us to provide service to many various products such as railings, ramps, light posts and even automobile chassis. Our sandblast booth also serves the same purpose at 10ft.w X 10ft.h X 25l. At PPC we are ready to tackle any job at any time to satisfy your every need.