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Located in two buildings totaling 10,500 sq.ft, Prism Powder Coating, LLC has a state of the art facility which includes a 10ft.w X 8ft.h X 25ft.l cross draft powder coating booth with filtered doors to keep dust and any other foreign matter from contaminating parts while being sprayed. The powder coating spray gun unit is a top of the line ITW Gema Optitronic digital unit with Optiselect gun. Our 8ft.w X 8ft.h X 25ft.l gas fired oven bakes and cures the powder at temperatures of 375 – 400 degrees. Soon to be added 8ft. X 8ft. X 20ft. liquid paint spray booth.

Our Metal Finishing Process Includes The Following Services:


Our expansive supply web is able to supply us with every color and texture finish you desire.

Powder Coating

High temperature powder coating that provides greater corrosion resistance against acids and bases.


We'll apply a protective zinc coating on your metal parts after sandblasting and before powder or painting.


Helps to prevent your coating to not chip, exposing the base material to corrosion and wear.

Steam Cleaning

This process is effective enough to disinfect or even sterilize the surfaces of your metals.


A stream of pressurised sand is used to deburr and create a smooth surface on your parts.


We'll buff your parts with multiple different compounds to achieve a shiny mirror-like finish.

Welding & Fabrication

Your formed and machined parts will be assembled and tack-welded into place, then re-checked for accuracy.

Pretreatment Processes

As for pretreatment processes, a new Electro-Steam LB 40 dry steam clean and phosphatizing unit with sprayer. This unit is used for cleaning dirty, greasy, oil contaminated parts prior to sandblasting. A new 48” X 36” Trinco dry blast unit is used for sandblasting smaller parts. Very convenient for fast changes in different grit size media and glass beads. The 10ft.w X 10ft.h X 25ft.l lighted sandblast room is used for all of the large parts and larger quantities of medium size parts at one time. It is run by a 6 cu. Ft. Clemco blast pot for a longer duration blast time. Also soon to come metallizing room for thermal flame spray with a Metco 16E zinc wire feed gun.