FAQ: How To Remove Metal Band Packaging?

How do you remove metal packing straps?

The tense straps spring outward when cut and the cuts create sharp edges. Place the jaws of duck-billed shears, tin snips or bolt cutters around the metal strapping. Turn your face away from the metal band and squeeze the jaws of the tool together until you feel the tension from the metal strapping relax.

How do you cut metal bands?

When it comes to cutting steel strapping, the ideal strapping tool is a pair of duck-billed shears with long handles. Make sure to cut the steel strapping squarely to avoid forming sharp, pointed ends which only add to potential hazards of the job.

How do you cut a steel repair band?

It can be cut using tin snips or shears and is easy to bend during installation. This multi-purpose banding is perfect for clamping, bracing and restraining in all kinds of DIY building projects and repairs.

What is builders band used for?

Heavy duty fixing band made from galvanised steel. For joist strutting, frame and sill fixing, fencing repairs, hanging ductwork and other construction applications.

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