FAQ: Metal Gear Solid 5 How To Remove Customization?

How do you unlock weapon customization in Metal Gear Solid 5?

How to Unlock Gun Customization. To earn the Weapon Customization feature at Mother Base, you’ll need to recruit the Legendary Gunsmith. These Side Ops normally become available following Mission 13. Once Mission 13 is complete, check the Side Ops menu for 107 – Extract The Legendary Gunsmith.

How do you customize in mgs5?

How To Customize Weapons

  1. Go to the Mother Base tab.
  2. Choose Customize.
  3. Choose Weapons.

How do you drop weapons in MGSV?

In the weapon equip menu (Dpad Up or Down) highlight the weapon using the right stick and hold RS/R3 to drop. Equip the weapon you want to drop first. Then use the arrow keys, Up for primary (hip) and Down for Secondary weapon and hold switch zoom (default V) to drop.

How do you customize weapons in phantom pain?

You can now customize weapons in the ACC from your iDroid. Go to the tab “Mother Base” – “Customize” – “Weapons” and choose what type of weapon you want to create. To get new parts you must develop more weapons. The parts of each developed weapon will be available for customization.

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What is the best sniper in MGSV?

Metal Gear Solid 5, both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, has a ton of sniper rifles to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes, silenced and non-silenced, and bolt-action and semiautomatic. The Brennan LRS-46 is the heavy hitter among the available sniper rifles – at least among the non-FOB missions.

What is ACC MGSV?

The Aerial Command Center was a mobile chopper used by the private military company Diamond Dogs during the 1980s. The ACC acted as an immediate base outside of Mother Base and also ferried Venom Snake and other operatives to various locations.

Where is the legendary gunsmith?

The “legendary” gunsmith can be found at the northern side of Bwala ya Masa. The target has three extra bodyguards with him in addition to the fact that the village itself is crawling with guards.

How do you Unequip items in MGSV?

Thanks in advance! Select the undesired item, then choose “None” to unequip it. Thank you!

How do you remove a primary weapon in MGSV?

To remove your primary weapon you must own/ purchase the Rasp TB shotgun from your Xbox/PSN store for $. 99 and equip the weapon to your primary slot on whichever loadout you wish to have no primary on.

How do you change weapons in Metal Gear Solid 5 ps4?

Use the information terminal. Press the L3 button to dash. Select/equip weapons and items. Switch between standing, crouching, and crawling.

How do I unlock side OP 108?

Mission 108 – Extract the Legendary Gunsmith Again Availability: This mission should automatically unlock (after some time) after completing the 107th side mission, after you’ve learned about the existence of another, better gunsmith.

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How do you get a bandana in MGSV?

In order to unlock the bandana, players will need to have their Research and Development team leveled up to 34 and they will need to complete Side Op #143. That particular Side Op gives Snake an item called Strangelove’s Memento, which combined with the level 34 R&D gives players the option of developing the bandana.

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