Question: How To Remove Metal Seiko Watch Band And Replace With Nato Strap?

How do I take the back off my Seiko watch?

Look for a small lip or indentation on the edge of the back. You can find the lip up or around where the watch band is. Use either a dull knife (emphasis on dull) or a screwdriver. Put the flat end of your tool inside the lip and try to pry it off.

Who takes links out of watches?

You can take your watch to any jeweler in your area that can remove links from watch to adjust to your wrist size.

Can you put NATO strap on any watch?

Good news is most watches will work with a NATO strap, but we recommend using the guide below before making your purchase.

What is the point of a NATO strap?

NATO Straps It is a one piece strap slid through the spring bars of the watch case and then slid into the appropriate notch, and then folded back to secure excess strap and prevented from sticking out of the main watch strap portion. The strap has been used in James Bond movies.

How tight should a NATO strap be?

Your watch wears too tight if it’s leaving imprints on your skin, and it’s too loose if you can fit several fingers under the band and it slides around on your wrist. Instead, your watch should be tight enough that it stays in place, with just a bit of room to move so that your wrist can breathe.

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