Question: In The Bathtub How Do You Remove The Metal Stopper Thats In The Drain?

How do you remove a stuck bathtub drain stopper?

Slide the screwdriver beneath the stopper to pry it from the drain body if necessary. Grab the stopper with your fingers and pull it from the drain body. Insert a drain body remover, also known as a drain key, into the drain body. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the key counterclockwise to remove the drain body.

How do you remove a push and pull drain stopper?

To remove a push-pull stopper, set it in the open position and turn the knob counterclockwise with one hand while holding the body of the stopper in the other. For increased leverage, hold onto the body with a towel and use a pair of pliers to turn the knob. For the lift-and-turn, set the drain to open.

How do you unstick a push plug?

With a cup, scoop out the contents of the sink. This’ll make it easier to get to the plug. With a rubber glove on, push down on the plug and attempt to twist it anti clockwise. If that doesn’t work, spray WD-40 on to the plug, give it a minute to work itself under the plug, then repeat step 2.

What tool do you use to remove a tub drain?

To remove the drain basket, you will need either locking pliers or a tub drain wrench. A drain wrench is a drain removal tool that is form-fitted to drain basket crossbars.

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How do you remove a small bathtub drain?


  1. Remove the Tub Stopper or Screen. Remove the drain stopper or screen to gain access to the tub’s drain fitting.
  2. Remove the Drain With a Plug Wrench.
  3. Remove the Drain With Locking Pliers.
  4. Clean the Drain Opening.

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