Readers ask: How Do You Remove The Spool From A Toro 1100 Edger With Metal Clips?

Are trimmer heads Universal?

Final Thoughts. To sum it all up, there might not be a universal standard for string trimmer heads. But, if you work with gas powered trimmers, it shouldn’t matter all that much. As long as your arbor bolt and upgrades are compatible, you ought to be good to go.

How do you remove old trimmer heads?

Pull the trimmer line spool out of the trimmer head. Observe your trimmer head to see if it has a small hole in the inner and outer portions. If so, insert a small Phillips screwdriver into the two holes to hold it in position, remove the center nut with an adjustable wrench and pull the head off.

Why does my whipper snipper cord keeps breaking?

If you are going through lots of line or it keeps breaking, you may be using the wrong size. Some people will get a thicker line because they think it will cut thicker growth, think again. All this does is put more load on the motor and the line moves slower.

How do you extend the cord on a strimmer?

Hold the trimmer head above the ground, press the trigger throttle and allow new line to automatically feed from the spool. Continue to hold the trigger throttle down until the line extends to the point where the blade on the trimmer guard trims it to length. Continue cutting grass and weeds.

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Why does my trimmer line keep coming out?

If this cap is broken or worn out over time, it can malfunction, causing too much line to feed out when you bump it. Depending on its damage, it could be getting hung up as it tries to return, allowing the line to continuously advance. To replace it, simply remove and replace the bump cap with a new one.

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