Readers ask: How To Remove Metal Filler?

Can you sand metal filler?

Check that the correct type of bodyfiller is being used for the metal surface, if it is galvanised or aluminium. Original factory baked finishes can be simply sanded with 80 -120 grit paper if the area to be filled is very small, but best adhesion is gained by stripping to bare metal for repairs larger than 5cm.

How do you remove lead filler?

Just heat it with a torch, and clean it out with a wire brush like the others mentioned. We usually fill it with 3M marine repair filler, it’s like a kitty hair thats water proof, then skim with filler. Whatever you end up doing, protect yourself well, wear a respirator, and gloves at least.

What will dissolve Bondo?

Re: Does anything dissolve Bondo? A heat gun will soften it and can easily be removed with a putty knife.

Does acetone remove Bondo?

Acetone will remove at least some fabric along with the embedded Bondo. Apply the acetone to a cleaning cloth and wipe the affected area thoroughly. According to the Aftermarket Product Department of 3M, the Bondo should release from the fabric fairly easily.

Do you apply bare metal body filler?

Before adding any filler, you should get the metal fairly close. For small repairs, you can bog directly over the bare metal. If the repair is larger, or you’re looking for a longer-lasting job, apply a base coat of epoxy primer before laying on the filler.

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Can body filler be wet sanded?

Don’t wet sand filler. Filler is too absorbant and you can have problems getting it dry plus you could cause moisture to wick through to the metal or weaken the bond between the filler and the substrate.

How do you remove lead from your body?

Chelation therapy is the only treatment that can remove lead from the body. With that said, removing yourself from the source of lead exposure is just as important, although this may be difficult if you live in an older home with lead paint or lead pipes.

Can Bondo be dissolved?

Re: Does anything dissolve Bondo? Yep, heat gun and a putty knife, also good for old undercoat.

Can you dissolve body filler?

Nothing will dissolve car body filler, its polyester resin, you will have to sand it off. Agree with Jack + Jon sanding is the only way to go but,look on the bright side will take less filler to fill it..

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